Sunday, August 2, 2015

Be Your Own Royalty - King of Shaves

One of my least favourite thing to do is shave. I don't like getting razor burn, I don't like the rare cuts, and I don't like that awkward phase between shave-able and unshave-able length.

Oh and I hate dull razors that pulls the hair instead of cutting it.

So when I was introduced to the King of Shaves by this brand new online shopping website for men's grooming, I definitely wanted to try if they have anything that can change my perception on shaving.. 

I mean, it is after made in England and has won multiple award and is one of the best selling razors in England. Hey! If it's good enough for the people who gave us Sir David Beckham and James Bond, it's good enough for me..

But first, let me start by saying, Matters of Men is the rare men's only personal care site - from their hair care to face care to body care and even shaving essential. The site is easy to navigate, without those erratic pop-ups and crazy schematics. Just browse, look for wat you want, add to cart and check out!

The nice people of Matter of Men will take care of the rest - which includes packaging it all nice for you and sending it to you ASAP.

Which means.. This will make a great gift to your male friends or yourself~

See! And you said buying gifts for guys are difficult~ Pffft!

So mine arrive in a super elegant black Matters of Men box, filled with black confetti - and tadaa~ the ultra chic box from King of Shave... Smell like England alright~

I love a good packaging - it means I can deliver it straight to my loved ones as gifts without sending it to me, and then wrapping it again to make it look decent.

Here it is: The King of Shaves - only available in Malaysia via this website, so it's ultra exclusive.
Also the super sturdy and sexy silver chrome handle.. Grrr~ 

The amazing Hyperglide 5 system, 5 laser sharpp blades on a flexible head...

It comes with 3 blades and also a wall sucker. Oh my...

And  a complimentary King of Shaves shaving gel.. Hehe~

This whole set cost RM 79.00, for something that is fully imported, I think it is reasonable. Besides, it comes with 3 blades.. Can use damn long. Ok la. Maybe can use half year.. I have no idea how frequent we need to change the blades.. But yeah~

Before shaving - i have a little moustache and also a beard. I actually always keep my beard trimmed and not completely shaven. But then I shaved it off just to test the sharpness of the blade on short hair moustache and longer hair on my chin.

Applied some shaving gel and here we go~

And we are all done! It was a clean shave, and I really like it! sharp and precise

No razor burns, no cuts!

Hahaha where did my beard go... T_T 

Have to start growing from scratch.. Hahaha.

So i guess if you have no idea what to gift your male friend/ boyfriend/ husband/ brother/ father

for their birthday/ anniversary/ wedding/ appreciation gift...

Why not click on Matters of Men and browse for this exclusive shaver fit for Kings?

I still hate shaving, but knowing I can shave safely and in style.. Makes it a little easier.

Can't wait to go back to their site and buy other things.. hehehe

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