Saturday, April 30, 2016

RonTravel: Macau (Part I) - Night of Lights and Shiny Things~

It's been a long time since I had a trip with my parents, and I'm not counting those short trips to KL and such. So when my parents suggested Macau to be our next destination, I was super excited~

So off I went, flying from Kuching to meet up with my family in KL, before heading to Macau, a journey that took an almost 4 hour flight via Cathay Pacific~ vroom~

Once we reached HK, we took an express ferry to Macau. This ferry terminal damn cool de, it operates 24 hours with ferries available every 15 minutes, one way was about 160 HKD (approz RM80), the ferry took about an hour.

and Tadaa~ We have arrived in Macau, the weather was perfect, cool and breezy at the start of spring. We got checked into our hotel in Taipa, got refreshed and immediately started to explore the quaint city. Immediately what caught my attention was the rows and rows of cramped shops in Taipa City, surrounded by skyscrapers and mist. It was like an old town, trapped amongst modernisation, and at every street corner, there was a story to be told.

We wanted to make our way to the city centre, where all the new casinos are. And instead of taking a cab, we decided to walk, after Google Maps say it is a 45 minute walk away.. Off we went, walking on the streets of Macau in the evening. Stopping by every other corner to be distracted by the arrays of street food.

A small corner stall selling curry lok-lok, skewered assorted meat/vege products, cooked in boiling water and served with spicy curry.

Perfect for a cold evening stroll!!

The apartments were high, and reflected beautifully in contrast to the relatively empty streets.

A small public garden park, with a few old people doing some exercise, while we enjoyed the garden and koi pond.

Then we stumbled into more bakeries and local treats!

Walking onwards, we could see the tall bright buildings in Cotai Region.

The Casinos. At a huge roundabout, surrounded by giants, Macau showed us another side of its legacy. One that it is so famed for, the bright lights, Asian Vegas. 

The Venetian Macau - the highest grossing Casino in the entire world.

Posing with a giant dragon in City of Dreams~

Another dragon!!

This city has so many casinos, every hotel/ mall/ building has a casino. Including my small hotel.

Mermaid interactive screen.. i can see your boobies.. HEHEHEEH

Studio City - another huge mall, with tonnes of designer shops and of course, a giant Casino.!!

Gumball machine~

Me and my dad waiting for my mum, be like... 

After exploring the city, walking for almost 2 hours, explored 2 malls, we finally settled in Studio City's Bi Fang - a spacious chinese restaurant, serving traditional Chinese food.

First up was Barbecued Glazed Iberico Pork - in other words 'char siew'. But since it uses a top quality pig for this, you can actually appreciate the smokiness of the wood oven, the delicious cut of meat and the delicious sauce that is served with it.

Roasted sesame Cold Chicken - Absolutely delicious. The cold chicken in contrast with the spicy sesame sauce is so fragrant and appetizing. Salivating!!

Wagyu Beef with Black Pepper bun - The fattiness of the wagyu mixed with the fresh grounded pepper corns made this dish. One of the best buns I have ever eaten,

Beef Ribs and Radish soup - A smooth, clear broth that marinates the meat with the herbs, and the herbs with the meat. I could drink this soup every single day!

The bill came up to 672 Macau Patacas (about RM340), I thought it was quite worth it because the normal HK food alrdy damn expensive, and also the food served is of the highest quality and skilled preperation!!

Studio City, Macau

The Venetian, Macau

We then walked from Studio City to The Venetian, enjoying all the great architecture, sampling from great worldly heritage. From Venice to Rome, and in the close future, Paris.. I saw the construction site of The Parisian - an Eiffel Tower shaped giant in the making.

After a whole day of travelling and exploring and eating, we were beat. Quickly returning back to our Hotel and having a good rest.

Excited for the next day of further exploration!!

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