Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Star Force 2014: Piu Piu Piu~

Every now and then, i find a game that i'm addicted to. Remember Japanese Doll App? The horror doll game i gave up dinner for. Haha.

I found another game to keep me busy during long waits and boring nights. And the game that got me hooked like a trout to a fat worm is... *drumrolls* 

Sky Force 2014!!! 

Those 80s/ 90s kids will remember the epic game Sonic Wings. ahhh the nostalgia~

I remember spending alot of time in arcades with my siblings playing this game

This is very similar to that classic arcade game. Basically you control an air force plane and shoot things down. Collecting star, saving hostages, collecting power ups. Here's the basic guide/ walkthrough to the amazing Star Force 2014!

You can also level up your plane into more powerful fighter jets!

The missions are simple, getting tougher as the game progresses. They even have requirements. Such as:
a) 70% troops killed
b) 100% troops killed (damn hard!)
c) save all hostages
d) surviving the level without getting hit once (r u kidding me!!??)

The game is simple enough to not take too much effort. Yet exciting enough withh each level and upgrades. And then i found out another interesting feature to this game.

The graphics is quite good, and the gameplay is exciting. I'm so addicted.. While waiting for my food, while waiting for the time to punch out of office, while pooping~

Piu piu piu~

Hi Miss Krvsia ~ thanks for your 10%

You can collect mission cards hidden in the stages. I don't know how u get them, but so far i only gotten one. And this random card gives 10% discount to upgrades!! Yay! Quite significant eh. Since the upgrades need 700-1500. And each round you get 200-300 stars.

So many more cards to collect =s

I can't wait to upgrade further!

And i cant wait to beat this super hard bonus stage. Hahaha.

Stay tune. Let me know if you guys have went furher than me! 

Try not to get hit, or crash into planes.. If not.. KABOOM!! Your plane will explode, and it's Game Over..

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