Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ammah's Curry House - A Piece of Nostalgia... For a Price..

If I have to rank my Top 5 Favourite cuisine, Indian Food will definitely be up there. There is something comforting and fulfilling with the mix of spices, thick rich curries and fluffy bread that makes me feel like the world will be a better place. So, my hunt to find good Indian food has led to me to Ammah's Curry House.

You have to look for this tiny sign board when you pass by Bulatan Taman Budaya.

Located on a hill top at Taman Budaya, unfamiliar people will most probably miss it. I've missed it like a million times. But a friend pointed it out to me the other day when passing by and I wanted/ needed to try it out.

So on a sunny Saturday morning, i decided to dropby to what seemed like an old- colonial house, with simple decor, and the familiar smell of Indian spices brewing from the kitchen. 

Paratha/ Roti Kosong/ Roti Parota/ Indian bread/ Roti Canai/ Prata - whatever you call it, is created by gods for simple folks like us. Although not the usual fluffy mamak styled roti, this one has a very home-made feel to it. RM 6 (for 2 pieces)

Mango Lassi - a classic indian mango yogurt drink. Served in a traditional metal mug, super good!!

Coconuts. Lol! Random~

Curry Chicken Briyani - the fragrant basmati rice, and the rich curry sauce. I like the onion and cucumber pickles, albeit very little was given. Haha~

The meal was slightly above average, not the best Indian food I had. But the ambience, and surroundings, made me remember of my high-school days, where I used to go over to my friends house and his mum would make us fresh Pratas and Briyani. Despite being a little more on the pricey side,  the nostalgia was worth it.

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