Saturday, August 29, 2015

Uniquely UNEEK~

Being obsessed with footwear means going through websites and stores looking for the latest and occasionally unique footwear. I stumbled across this quirky shoe in World of Sports (a regular stop for my family and I during our weekend getaway).


It is this weird looking shoe unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's made out of 2 cords, intertwined and weaved into this alien-esque open air footwear. *drools* It's so funky looking that I gotta have it. To create this unique shoe, KEEN, leading manufacterer of original hybrid outdoor and casual footwear, took an entirely new approach to footwear construction.

You can wear it to chase pigeons~

This footwear is unbelievably versatile and comfortable, as it is very flexible and stretchable, due to the fact that it is not a formed shape, this UNEEK shoes compliments the natural shape of our foot providing a balance of superior feel, movement and comfort.

I brought this pair of UNEEK (mine is black and yellow - I call it Bumble Bee~, Yes i name my shoes...), during my recent India trip. And all i can say was, it was a life saver. From exploring trails, to light trekking, city hopping and strolling the harsh streets of Delhi, this multi-talented shoes did all those with comfort.

Oh did I tell you I even climb a cave in it?

When I was packing for India, I knew I could not afford to bring 10 pair of footwear, so I had to improvise and pick only a few - targeting at comfort, durability and that quirky sense of fashion that I love. 

A hot day? UNEEK is so open-air, ventilation and a breeze is not an issue to my tired feet

A rainy day? As quickly as your foot got wet, it got dry. No more taking of your shoes and drying it under the sun for ages.

I was totally obsessed with this UNEEK shoes that it followed me to Kuching as well.. There is just something about the way it is constructed that felt like the shoe was giving my foot a big nice hug.. No kidding.

I don't know about you guys, but if you're looking for something comfortable, versatile for a hybrid lifestyle - casual dining, cafe hopping to mountain climbing and bus catching; trust me and get yourself a pair of UNEEK by KEEN at your nearest World Of Sports.

Im a bear~~ the footwear that saved my life in India!! Hahaha. 

Love the comfort, the hug fit, and the flexibility. 

Love my unique UNEEK shoes. 

(p/s: There's so many world of sports store la.. in Gardens, Subang Parade, Mahkota Parade, IOI mall, Paradigm Mall, Bangsar Village II, Tropicana City Mall dan lain lain~)
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