Saturday, February 13, 2016

Have a Blessed and Prosperous Monkey Year~

I know it's a little behind schedule, and it is already the 6th day of CNY, so first of all, let me wish all my readers a very happy Chinese New Year, may the year of the monkey bring loads of excitement and joy to all of you.

Well, I went back to Melaka (my hometown.. because people keep saying I am from Kuching now -..-), and had a great time with my families, and just got back the other day and have already started working. Sorry for not meeting many friends this trip back. 

Stopped by KL to have some family meals + Monkey poses~

Even Monkey King (sun wu kong) came to the mall, and was trying out uShape Music~ Hhahaha.


First day of CNY is a tradition for us where we offer tea to our parents and wish them a whole year filled with abundance of joy, health and happiness. And we get angpow (red packets) in exchange for good luck and blessings~

Make. It. Rain~

Another family tradition - the McD Prosperity burger. This year, I opted for the double Prosperity burger, With big plans ahead, I need the extra prosperity boost! =p

So besides food, the next most important thing in CNY is the friends and parties and drinks~

Thanks for the Moet, (this drink is on FAYAAAA!!)

Howabout a Glenmorangie single malt?

Some smirnoff vodka to wash down the whiskey~

Friends come and go, but red wine is forever.

I went to Mixx Melaka to party.. Hahaha~ The last time I went there was for an X-Played event wayy back in 2012, and I haven't been back since. LOL! Can't imagine my noob face back then.

Picture perfect~ LOL (Lots of Love)

This dog's dye-job is more on point than mine. HAHAHA!


Oh!! And for the 7 of you i sent postcards to, I hope you guys liked it~ =) 

It was a short trip, but I enjoyed every bit of it. Gonna miss everyone back home so dearly~

Take care Kids!!
Have a great year ahead everyonme!! 

p/s: Tomorrow is Valentine's day. Will I get flowers this year? 

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