Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bali: Island of Gods and hot boys, girls, boy-girls, undecided.

The only thing hotter than the weather Bali are the people.. everyone all bronzed in tanks and shorts. Of course some of them look crispy d lar.. But yea.. the sun french-kissed everyone in Bali. yumz!

I tried to catch some sun myself, but zzz... so not my thang.. And my mum will b like "y u go tan urself when u spend so much money (her money) on whitening agents!!" 

So the nights in Bali was filled with long walks on the beach and bar hopping. Ok, we didn't really hop, we sort of just stayed in our favourite bar, Bali Joe. But basically all the other lgbt frenly bars are on the same road, right next to each other, like Mixwell, Bottoms Up, FaceBar (which i think it's a rip off of facebook =.= )

All of the bars have the same concept, no cover charge, dragqueen/tranny shows every 15minutes or so. Mixed with a lil gogo boys dancing on bar tops every now and then. Some of the other bars have pole dancing n some magic. But Bali Joe is the most popular one simply because, it's so damn crowded =.= If u want a table, or a chair u need to be there before 11pm. if not.. fuh~ the people spills out to the streets.

I was rly excited for the drag shows la, (too much rupaul's drag race i guess) they take turns coming out in jazzy outfits, sequins, diamantes, wigs and the works, lip-syncing to some super classic songs... And the crowd always go wild! Heheheh~

The bartenders and waiters are very very friendly as well, by the 2nd night i was thr, they were greeting me with hugs and escorting me to the best tables. =) shit like this never happen in KL, they just look at u macam.. "pffff~ fake fred perry, let me step on ur shoes!" knn...

And of course, how can i miss the opportunities to dance and mingle with the drag queens, i mean, afterall... Hahahaha~ they keep telling me i shud be a drag queen myself.. or at least a gogo boy =.= One day, when i put down my fried chicken, i will =)

1st of all, they don't simply layan ppl one, cuz they can dragqueens, so super diva la, but they so nice to meee.. T_T

Couldn't resist rapping in front of this Nicholas Minaj, "Let's go to the beach-each, let's go get away!".
Probly the closest i get to the real Nicki =(

It's like.. u can almost touch it. o.O

Hhaha.. he was asking me to dance with him on stage.. but zzzz... i wasn't wearing my right undies..
mekekekek~ oh well..

I MISS BALI!!! kekekekeke~ =p 

*she sells seashells by the bitch*


jymBoy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jymBoy said...

LOL @ your last picture caption.. :p

Denis Joseph said...

Nice shirt...Hahas...Where'd you get it? =)

are-5th said...

damn! loving the first pic!

Aaron Ng said...

jymboy - AHAHAHAHA.. stripper boy undies!

denis - got it from those random small shops, in paradigm mall =)

are-5th - hahahaha i rly like it too! i usually hate my photos, but this one looks good. =.= omg i praising myself.. but ya..,

foongpc said...

LOL! Nicholas Minaj? : D Yes, maybe you should be a gogo boy haha!


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