Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Amazing Race..

So the result of the 13th General Election caused perhaps the biggest stir in Malaysian History. I mean, my whole family was plugged to the tv, flippin thru every channel, which of course only butter the gov's ass... And i'm plugged to the laptop, checking online feeds, smsing, whatsapping and lain lain. Do i believe the election was dirty and rigged? Yes. You have to be really naive to believe everything the government or mainstream media such as  The Star, TV3, Utusan feeds u, hence believing the election was clean as a whistle.

But what's worse than losing the GE13? The Prime Minister that prior to the elections were hardselling the concept of 1Malaysia, points the finger to the chinese, and blame their close shave of a victory, and called us ungrateful, 2-faced, and also a natural disaster (Chinese Tsunami).

From my perspective... The only Tsunami that hit our nation, was one that was multiracial, multinational, mulitcultural and multilingual. To throw the chinese community under the bus, and yet, the chinese ministers in the cabinet did not speak up... Just shows how malicious our 'leader' is.

Have I made a racial remark? Yes. But was it meant to be racist? No.

Here's why, i was in the state swimteam as a kid.. From i can walk til form5. My team has people from all races and all walks of life. We go for swimming tournaments all over Malaysia, and we make fun of each other, i will call my darker skin friends hangus, they will call me pucat... In a brotherly way. You know how when you're so close to ur siblings, you make fun of them, in the cruelest way, but it was not meant to harm them? And they accept and embrace ur jokes because, it has some truth, exaggerated in most, but at the end of the day, we just laugh about it? Because we're past the point where making an observation or stereotype (basis of all racial jokes), is a sensitive issue.

ie: If i have curly hair, and u say i have maggi mee on my head. Reality is, i DO have curly hair. Nothing to go all crazy and curse the whole family for. Get it?

My closest friends in high school are Malaysians, means, chinese, malay and indians. One of my best friend, Luke, is an indian, and i used to go to his house every now and then, and his mum will make me curry. I visit all my malay frens for Raya, i still do up to today. We sit on the floor of his grandfather's rumah kampong, the one with stilts one. I visit my Eurasian friends, christian friends during Xmas. So what?

I met my 1st sarawakian as in those people categorised under 'others... please specify' in every survey form.. =.= And guess what?? She was one my bestest friend!!! She taught me how to make donuts.. (the fact tat i never make it anymore since, is a diff story). It didn't bother us that our cultures are so different.

I have dated all races.. hahahahaha. *tmi* but yeah! It's not about racial tolerance. You tolerate something you don't like.. IE: u have a lecturer that is annoying as hell, but u tolerate him by going to class n keeping it to urself. NO! Malaysians need to understand the concept of racial acceptance. You accept us for who we are, you embrace us for who we are. And celebrate each and everyone of us, for our diversity.

When i fight for Malaysian's right, i don't fight for the chinese people. I also fight for my malay, indian, kadazan, bidayuh, iban (and others.. omg i cant list all of them ma...) friends! Isit so hard to understand? Isn't that what the true 1Malaysia is all about? Doesn't mean a Malay supporting DAP = a malay betrayed his race right? He supports the stands and principles held by that party. Isn't that his fundamental voting priviledge?

And how can you blame the chinese for anything that happens in the country? The rally held at Kelana Jaya Stadium last night, 8/5/2013, showed that Malaysians of all races, gathered to reject a corrupt fraudulent government. Never have I seen, a support so big.. Each and every single one of us should be proud.

Until the day people accept who they are.. The day they understand what it's like to be a Malaysian. The day you march for freedom. The day you smile when your friend of a different skin colour succeeded. The day you share a journey with another Malaysian.

We are all the same. The Amazing Race: Malaysian. 

p/s: there's a difference between a racist and a friend. 


Chen Xing said...

Kudos to the title !

Like it.


Aaron Ng said...

Thanks so much ChenXing =)

Da Closet Guy said...

Nice piece of blog entry. We are Malaysians and no longer Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, Singh, etc...


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