Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Whole New World...

Sorry for the MIA. Let me update:

1) I'm currently working in Selayang. I miss home, I miss my non-commited student life.. The hours are long, the stress is high. But I kinda like it... love hate ;)

 2) I hv a tiny room... ; ( sigh. no idea whr to put my stuffs.. When la can buy my own place... aduh...

3) Working also means missing out alot of events, birthdays, famiky trips... sigh.. I planned a cameron trip for my whole family, in the end, I cant go... sigh.. but at least I got some cacti ;)

 4) Altho, I hv been driving around, mostly getting lost, paying tolls.... haha. Ohhhhh I hope I know the road better...

5) Cant wait to explore KL more, ;)

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  I update my photos thr more frequent than here ;) keep in touch guys!


小J said...

Hope ur new journey is enjoyable.
Although the process will be tough, but dun afraid of fell down, just stand up again and continue the journey.

Cheer up^^

Gratitude said...

Driving in Klang Valley will be a breeze soon. ;)

foongpc said...

Oh working now? ENJOY!! Hahaha! Nice cactus plants! OK, following you on Instagram : )